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The fine mesh design of a window screen can trap bugs, pollen, and other debris. Having your window tracks professionally cleaned enhances their efficiency, but also extends window life and prevents mold : growth. We suggest having these services completed at the same time you have your windows washed, but also offer them as standalone services. Tempered glass is easy , to scratch, so be sure to use a high-quality window cleaner and soft microfiber towel. Don’t forcefully scrub the window, and never scrape with a razor blade. Now we should clean the rubber blade. Use a clean towel or a terrycloth rag to wipe the blade clean or wipe it across the scrubber to get rid of dirt and any excess water after every pass. For convenience we can keep a rag in our pocket for wiping the squeegee or remove soapy water that may start running down the woodwork. We can use a separate clean rag to clean the perimeter of the window. Microfiber rags or kitchen microfiber towels are the best choice for the deep cleaningIt's important to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. In addition to the types of cleaning above, keep your office clean with this daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklist: If you have a small office, you might be able , you should bring in the professionals. A professional cleaning company will the products, tools, equipment, and knowledge to properly deep clean. They won’t forget to clean behind the fridge, or not disinfect the office bathrooms properly, or accidentally clean a chair that isn’t water-safe with water. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we perform thorough deep cleaning that leave your business office sparkling clean and free of viruses, grimes, and allergens.commercial pressure washing companies near meSoft washing is a cleaning technique where low water pressure and high water volume is used from the pressure washing machine. We use low water pressure because high pressure an permanently damage siding as well as other building materials. A , proprietary blend of soaps, detergents, and algaecides do all of the leg work to get you a clean home


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